Education remains one of the most proven strategies to fight poverty, improve life and steer global development. This is possible if one is able to apply the various education theories to the practical aspects of life and work needs. The immediate question that comes is; how then can a young graduate be able to simplify and apply the various complex theoretical education theories to address basic life and work needs? Are out of school young graduates in Uganda able to apply what they learn to solve various life and business needs as they come out of the college and university gates?
The recent world development report by World Bank (2018) already points to a significant gap between education and learning in the world


Rethinking the Young Graduate Job Challenge

“After having taught Economics and Mathematics at high schools and colleges for a period of six years, I got a chance to work in the insurance and banking industries which I found required much application of the Economics and mathematics that I had learnt and taught, however with all honesty, knowledge application was not an obvious task, an indication of the abstract academic world that Ugandan graduates go through”.

“Young graduates in Uganda are faced with challenges of creating linkages between the academic world and work life.”Samson Fantileo Opio

On the other hand, while the thinking of getting employed after graduation dominate the minds of many young graduates, the reality is that job seeking is becoming a more complex equation to solve. This calls for rethinking one key assumption of education “I will find a job after graduation”.
In economics, we are faced with situations where assumptions fail to work. Therefore, alternative options become best for coping with the various life and development challenges. Assumption two of education “I will create a job after graduation” becomes key and preferred where employment is increasingly becoming scarce. Depending on one’s level of innovativeness, the business world remains open and too large for one to competitively succeed. The good news is that education equips you to manage challenges whether you are employed by someone or self-employed, the knowledge and skills obtained from schooling remains owned by you.


  • Riva Collins

    09/11/2019 - 02:07

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  • Obila Doe

    09/11/2019 - 02:09

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