Key Questions to job Creation.

  • Why do employers give jobs?
  • The answers to this question may be many but MiFDI thinks that employers give jobs because they have the customers and so they now only need someone with time, knowledge, skills, and confidence to serve their customers. This sounds like an employer plays the role of a broker.
  • What if I cannot find the employer but can find the customers? We think that a young graduate can still provide his or her time, knowledge, skills, and confidence to serve the customers directly. This is job creation.
  • What does it take for a young graduate to find an employer or a customer? This requires the ability to market yourself or start an enterprise, market, and manage it efficiently.
  • What are the steps to creating a job?

Key steps to job creation.

Step1: Learn much about the global development goals expressed under the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and identify goals that fall under your key area of specialization. 

Step 2: Read sector-related strategies and reports such as reports on the Millennium Development Goals, District and NGO strategic plans, economic updates, and identify key challenges and sectors that underscored as these offer business opportunities. Learn their strategies and innovate to contribute to these objectives.

Step 3: Generate enterprising ideas in line with community needs.

Step4: Sort out the best enterprising idea that can be handled in your present circumstances

Step 5: Talk to people who are successful in that business, attend related training, and read about that idea & identify what resources you need to move your idea forward.

Step 6: Identify a mentor who is successful in a similar or related enterprise.

Step 7: Start/register your enterprise, market, and deliver what you promise.

Step 8: Manage your enterprise well, learn from key Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Step 9: Continuously benchmark with key industry players for knowledge exchange, market opportunities, and innovation.

Step 10: Spend wisely, save regularly and invest prudently

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