We are a one stop center for all crop specific trainings right from seeds, soil management, agronomy, protection (pest and disease) to post harvest handling, modern basic farm tools and value addition. We partner with model farmers in communities to provide demonstration farming to smallholders. We also provide the most contemporary trainings in all aspects of livestock management, breeding, maintenance, slaughter of livestock and value addition. We facilitate the process of agribusiness research, Farm Business Planning, Record Keeping ˏ Knowing the Market ˏPackaging ˏ Promotion ˏ Transport Expanding Your Business Possibilities, and Financial Literacy skills. The business skills modules are adopted from the International Labor Organization (ILO) while the Financial Literacy modules are adopted from Bank of Uganda (BOU) financial literacy modules.

We also support community training on digital finance and help bank and micro credit agents to improve their controls and operations.

Other trainings include, Literacy and Numeracy training that is agriculture related. We facilitate development of tailored and localized training materials which are then used to deliver trainings to the local communities. We are well versed with adult oriented training methodologies that promotes practical learning.
We offer excellent and tested advisory services for safe and profitable investments in financial assets. This package ensures that our clients maintain a minimum degree of liquidity while growing funds profitably.

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